World Power Rankings: Women’s Throws

Continuing with our roundup of ranking the top athletes, here we are with the women’s throwing events.

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bold = entered in this Friday’s Herculis Diamond League meet in Monaco

Shot Put

1. Valerie Adams (NZL)
2. Nadzeya Ostapchuk (BLR)
3. Lijiao Gong (CHN)
4. Jillian Camarena-Williams (USA)
5. Nadine Kleinert (GER)
also watch: Anna Avdeeva (RUS), Michelle Carter (USA), Evgeniia Kolodko (RUS), Natallia Mikhnevich (BLR), Irina Tarasova (RUS)

It’s been a long time since Adams has lost and she looks good to keep it that way. Ostapchuk put up a big mark in Belarus, but she’s done that before and been unable to reproduce it against international competition. Gong beat Ostapcuk at the Diamond League meet in Rome. The USA took third and fourth at this year’s World Indoor Championships, only the second Worlds or Olympics in which we had two top-eight results, and we look good to do it for the first time outdoors.

Discus Throw

1. Sandra Perkovic (CRO)
2. Darya Pishchalnikova (RUS)
3. Nadine Müller (GER)
4. Stephanie Brown Trafton (USA)
5. Dani Samuels (AUS)
also watch: Yarelys Barrios (CUB), Denia Caballero (CUB), Zaneta Glanc (POL), Yanfeng Li (CHN), Jian Tan (CHN)

Perkovic has only one loss in major competition, to Samuels in London last Friday. Pishchalnikova threw extremely far at the Russian Championships, but lost to Perkovic in their only face-off this year. Brown Trafton gives the USA gives the USA an unusual third medal contender in the women’s throws. Samuels has not thrown far but has proven herself to be a potent competitor.

Hammer Throw

1. Betty Heidler (GER)
2. Aksana Miankova (BLR)
3. Tatyana Lysenko (RUS)
4. Wenxiu Zhang (CHN)
5. Anita Wlodarczyk (POL)
also watch: Jessica Cosby (USA), Jennifer Dahlgren (ARG), Gulfiya Khanafeyeva (RUS), Zalina Marghieva (MDA), Yipsi Moreno (CUB)

Heidler won just about everything there was to win last year except the World Championships, and started off that way this year before a bomb-out at the European Championships. Zhang and Wlodarczyk are the next most consistent throwers. Lysenko and Miankova have put up huge distances and are the defending World and Olympic champions respectively.

Javelin Throw

1. Barbora Špotáková (CZE)
2. Sunette Viljoen (RSA)
3. Christina Obergföll (GER)
4. Vira Rebryk (UKR)
5. Goldie Sayers (GBR)
also watch: Maria Abakumova (RUS), Huihui Lu (CHN), Kathryn Mitchell (AUS), Martina Ratej (SLO), Linda Stahl (GER)

Clearly, this event is not clear. Six different throwers have won major competitions. Špotáková hasn’t won a big meet since May’s Diamond League meet in Rome, but has not finished lower than second. Viljoen is the world leader but was only fourth at last Friday’s Diamond League meet in London. Obergföll has some big throws and some wins but hasn’t finished higher than third on the Diamond League circuit. Rebryk won the European Championships and nothing else of note. Sayers had a big breakthrough with a win and national record in the rain in London last Friday.

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