>Who is Where This Weekend

>With the college season starting up, I began to wonder which top athletes would be running where this weekend. So I came up with a list of the five “major players” in each event based on PR and place at the this year’s NCAA Indoor and last year’s NCAA Outdoor championships, and looked it up.

In many cases the athletes are idle, because these are the athletes whose seasons are going to last well into June. In other cases, meet start lists are not yet available. So keep your eyes here and I’ll update as the weekend goes along.

Sorry ladies, the idea only occurred to me last night and I’ve not had time to get your data together. I only have the men here. Next week, I promise.

100 meters
Demps (Fla) – idle
Granger (Miss) – unknown, team at SEC – Big10 Challenge
Mitchell (FlSt) – Florida State Relays (4×100)
Phiri (TAMU) – Arizona State Invitational
Salaam (Okla) – likely idle, team at North Texas

200 meters
Bonde (ORU) – idle
Byram (FlSt) – Florida State Relays (4×400)
Mitchell (FlSt) – Florida State Relays (4×100)
Phiri (TAMU) – Arizona State Invitational
Salaam (Okla) – likely idle, team at North Texas
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400 meters
Henry (TAMU) – Arizona State Invitational (200m)
Hughes (USC) – unknown, team at Cal-Nevada Championships
James (Ala) – Alabama Relays
Pinder (TAMU) – Arizona State Invitational (200m)
Tate (MsSt) – SEC – Big10 Challenge

800 meters
Andrews (UVa) – idle or relay duty (team at Raleigh Relays)
Evans (Ga) – idle
Primm (UCLA) – idle (ill)
Rutt (UConn) – idle
Samoi (Ala) – idle or relay duty (team at own Alabama Relays)

1500 meters
Acosta (Ore) – Stanford Invitational
Batty (BYU) – idle
Hlaselo (Fla) – idle
O’Hare (Tulsa) – idle
Van Ingen (Bing) – unknown, team at Army Dick Shea Open

Bor (IaSt) – idle
Cabral (Prin) – Stanford (5k)
Harjamaki (Lam) – unknown, team at North Texas
Hughes (Lou) – idle
Sodaro (Cal) – Stanford (1500)

5000 meters
Chelanga (Lib) – Raleigh Relays (10k)
Derrick (Stan) – Stanford Invitational (10k)
Estrada (NnAz) – idle
Korir (Iona) – unknown, team at Monmouth
Sambu (Ariz) – idle

10,000 meters
Chelanga (Lib) – Raleigh Relays
Mecheso (OkSt) – idle
Puskedra (Ore) – idle
Riley (Stan) – Stanford Invitational
Sambu (Ariz) – idle

110m Hurdles
Julmis (KsSt) – Arizona State Invitational
Nugent (LSU) – LSU Relays
Osaghae (TxT) – UTEP Springtime Open
Riley (Ill) – idle
Spurlock (USC) – unknown, team at Cal-Nevada Championships

400m Hurdles
Anderson (WaSt) – idle
Brown (TxT) – idle
Mayers (MsSt) – SEC – Big10 Challenge
Morton (Stan) – idle
Wyatt (USC) – unknown, team at Cal-Nevada Championships

High Jump
Drouin (Ind) – SEC – Big10 Challenge
Hamilton (Neb) – idle
Kynard (KsSt) – idle
Robertson (Miss) – SEC – Big10 Challenge
Ross (Ariz) – idle

Pole Vault
Olhovskiy (VaT) – idle
Peterson (Minn) – idle
Roth (Wash) – idle
Weirich (BYU) – Stanford Invitational
Whitt (ORU) – idle

Long Jump
Goodwin (Tex) – vs. UCLA and Arkansas (4×100)
Lamb (TxT) – idle
Makusha (FlSt) – Florida State Relays (4×100)
Phipps (Neb) – idle
Taylor (Fla) – idle

Triple Jump
Claye (Fla) – idle
Craddock (Fla) – idle
Reid (TAMU) – Arizona State Invitational (LJ)
Stewart (TAMU) – idle
Taylor (Fla) – idle

Shot Put
Arrhenius (BYU) – Stanford
Eaton (PennSt) – idle
Finley (Kans) – idle
Pinkelman (Neb) – idle
Werskey (Aub) – idle

Discus Throw
Arrhenius (BYU) – Stanford Invitational
Boevers (Ky) – idle
Finley (Kans) – idle
Putman (FlSt) – Florida State Relays (competing unattached, may be redshirting)
Wruck (TxT) – UTEP Springtime Open

Hammer Throw
Fylladitakis (UTEP) – UTEP Springtime Open
Henderson (USC) – unknown, team at Cal-Nevada Championships
Henning (LSU) – LSU Relays
Lomnicky (VaT) – idle
Ziegler (VaT) – idle

Javelin Throw
Humphreys (TAMU) – idle
Kinsley (Brown) – idle
Nielsen (Wash) – idle
Thomee (BoiSt) – idle
Thompson (USC) – unknown, team at Cal-Nevada Championships

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