USA Women’s Field Event Power Rankings

Last week I posted my first men’s field event power rankings of the year and promised to give you the women’s rankings this week.

Those who have met the all-important World Championships qualifying standards are noted: red for A, blue for B. Nations may enter up to 3 athletes (or 4 if a wild card entry is available), but no more than one may have a B qualifier and all others must have an A.

High Jump
1. Brigetta Barrett (Arizona)
2. Chaunté Lowe (Nike) wild card
3. Inika McPherson
4. Tynita Butts (East Carolina)
5. Maya Pressley (Auburn)
Darkhorse: Sharon Day (Asics)
Also: Shanay Briscoe, Becky Christensen, Liz Patterson, Krystle Schade
Lowe skipped the indoor season while Barrett kept it low-key until the NCAAs. USATF champ McPherson scored a win over Barrett at the Millrose Games.

Pole Vault
1. Jenn Suhr (adidas)
2. Kylie Hutson (Nike)
3. Mary Saxer (UCS/NYAC)
4. Janice Keppler
5. Becky Holliday
Darkhorse: Morgann LeLeux (Georgia)
Also: April Steiner Bennett, April Kubishta, Jade Riebold, Katy Viuf
Suhr set the indoor World Record while winning the USATF title. Hutson’s only loss to anyone but Suhr was to Saxer. Keppler has topped her pre-2013 PR three times this season.

Long Jump
1. Brittney Reese (Nike) wild card
2. Janay DeLoach Soukup (Nike)
3. Whitney Gipson (Nike)
4. Chelsea Hayes (Nike)
5. Funmi Jimoh (Nike)
Darkhorse: Vashti Thomas (Academy of Art)
Also: Tori Bowie, Hyleas Fountain, Andrea Guebelle, Shameka Marshall
Reese competed just once indoors, losing to DeLoach at the Millrose Games, but she’s still The Beast.

Triple Jump
1. Andrea Guebelle (Kansas)
2. Amanda Smock (Asics)
3. Sheena Gordon
4. Crystal Manning (CVE)
5. Erica McLain (Nike)
Darkhorse: Toni Smith
Also: Ciarra Brewer, Michelle Jenije, Tracey Stewart, Blessing Ufodiama
Guebelle’s 14.18m win at the NCAA Championships was the longest jump by an American since 2010, but it’s still 2 centimeters short of the B standard for the World Championships.

Shot Put
1. Jill Camarena-Williams (Nike/NYAC)
2. Michelle Carter (Nike)
3. Tia Brooks (Oklahoma)
4. Jeneva McCall (NYAC)
5. Sarah Stevens-Walker (Shore AC)
Darkhorse: Kearsten Peoples (Missouri)
Also: Alyssa Hasslen, Christina Hilman, Tiffany Howard, Brittany Smith
Camarena-Williams skipped the indoor season and Carter didn’t compete much, but they’re still the top two. Brooks broke the collegiate record at the NCAA Championships; her improvement gives the USA a real shot at three Worlds finalists.

1. Hyleas Fountain (Nike)
2. Sharon Day (Asics)
3. Bettie Wade (Nike)
4. Chantae McMillan
5. Barbara Nwaba (UCSB)
Darkhorse: Abbie Stechschulte
Also: Aisha Adams, Chelsea Carrier-Eades, Ryan Krais, Lindsay Lettow
Day and Wade took first and second at the USATF Championships pentathlon.

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