What 2 Watch

I have transitioned to a Google calendar for the listings. Not only is it a bit easier to see what’s on, you can copy it to your own calendar if you wish.

All listed times are Eastern. (If you copy into your own calendar, they will adjust to the time zone for which your calendar is set.)

Just click on the title to get a drop-down. It will tell you the channel or give a link to the website.

15 Responses to What 2 Watch

  1. Michael Campbell says:

    This is Great Stuff !!

  2. Janet says:

    This is great!

  3. Jimm says:

    Nice to find a site with TV Track&Field listing that is complete.

  4. Stu says:

    I wish that you could record Universal Sports Network, they seem to have everything protected and I cannot record the meets like last year. What is with that?

  5. Scott says:

    Where can I find the 2011 Fifth Avenue Mile at? Online or television does not matter. Thanks.

  6. admin says:

    Looks like the 5th Avenue Mile will be at nyrr.org/tv in highlight form at 8 pm.

  7. Zincone says:

    Any chance you could create a Google Calendar to post events too? Then anyone with a Google account could have the events show up automatically in there calendars.

    Thanks for your great site !

  8. jx says:

    Check out week #3 of my weekly track and field/running report. I am working on week 4 now. I also have included some other pieces produced by myself. The grouping is known as AthleticsNOW. Meaning i/we want athletics now.



  9. Richard McKie says:

    thanks so much! i enjoy t and f-its pure sport! even though the kc star keeps sport listings daily-sometimes t and f is skipped!

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  11. Scott says:

    The addition of the Google Calendar is great. So easy to add future dates to my calendar remind me of an event. Thanks !!

  12. Ed Bosch says:

    Wish we could get Eurosport or other Europeans stations so we could see the Olympic Trials of track & field live, uninterrupted, with good announcers.

  13. I am working on a new page for my website and where to find Track and Field coverage on TV! Just found your site from a TnF News link. I’d like to add a link to your page. Let me know what you would like to see! Steve Churchill
    soon at – http://www.runoftheworld.com/sports/track_and_field_athletics/television

    *p.s. – I coached HS Track from 1978-2001, including a girl name ‘Gail Devers’!

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