>Top Ten of the Decade: #10

>This whole blog is about the sport from a fan’s experience. So while everyone else counts down the greatest this or that, I’m going to count down my favorite new developments or personal experiences.

Coming in at number ten is the return of the college dual meet. Ten years ago it was down to UCLA v. USC and Stanford v. Cal. Now we’ve got Oregon-UCLA, Texas-Arkansas, Texas-Texas A&M, Ohio St-Michigan, Iowa-Illinois, and a whole bunch more. Duals are great entertainment and make good press.

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2 Responses to >Top Ten of the Decade: #10

  1. martin says:

    >Granted, the dual is coming back due to a few high profile additions. But, it wasn't as dead as you make it out to be. There are some others that were around (e.g. Washington vs. Washington State).

  2. The Track & Field Superfan says:

    >The Pac-10 is where it stayed alive. Otherwise it was all but dead. In 1999 there were only two other dual meets involving at least one team from a major conference. In 2010 there will be 22 such meets.