Superfan Daily: Your Track Vault Pick of the Week

With the Millrose Games coming up on Saturday, this week we go back to the 1959 Millrose Games:

The tall (6 feet 4�) youngster stood very still, his body slightly bent, right foot forward. The only sound in Madison Square Garden was the hum of the ventilation system struggling with the smoky air; the 15,000 people at the Millrose Games sat tensely. The bar on the high-jump standards was at seven feet, and no one, ever, anywhere, had high-jumped seven feet indoors before. The crowd waited.

When the boy began his run, his steps were clearly audible across the board floor—thup, thup, thup, thup, thupthupthup. He lifted hard, the long body coming up in an easy, clean motion, rolling briefly, then suddenly down and the bar firm on the standards at seven feet.

Read on.

What’s on

I goofed yesterday — the Pedro’s Cup meet is actually today in Bydgoszcz, Poland. There will be a great women’s pole vault competition, matching up Yelena Isinbayeva and Holly Bleasdale (plus a bunch of other top vaulters).

Track on TV

Sydney 2000 Olympics: Bud Greenspan’s Gold From Down Under, tomorrow at 10:30 AM on Showtime Family Zone

News Headlines

Runner’s World’s Racing News has all the headlines.

In Britain they call this a “row”: BOA says UK athletes must wear adidas footwear on the medal podium, Nike-sponsored athletes say they’ll go barefoot first. More likely, this is a pissing contest between lawyers and agents.

The World Marathon Majors takes a deep look at two-time WMM champ Liliya Shobukhova. will have a live webcast of the USATF Cross Country Championships on Saturday at 10:45 AM Eastern time.

The new House of Run podcast is up, and Jason and Kevin treat all the topics with their usual extreme seriousness and reverence.

Competitor Radio talks to my current favorite athlete, Desi Davila.

This sure was tasty when I helped call it.

Watch more video of Flotrack’s Tasty Race and Kick of The Week 2012 on

This week’s RunnerSpace live:

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