Superfan Daily: Track Vault Pick of the Week

My Saturday post about the top marks from NFL players drew unprecedented levels of interest. So this week’s Track Vault is Paul Zimmerman’s 2002 Bob Hayes obituary for Sports Illustrated.

They followed him into the NFL like rats following the Pied Piper. Olympic sprinters and hurdlers were handed a uniform and told to catch the ball and run away from people, just like Bob Hayes did.

Speed is what Hayes brought into the league in 1965, more speed than anyone had ever seen on a football field. And when the rest of the NFL saw how he stretched defenses and forced them to go to all sorts of zones to try to stop him, general managers pored over copies of Track & Field News and sent out their invites.

Read on.

News Headlines

Wednesday is the day that all the online shows come out.
Flotrack’s Run Junkie:

Watch more video of Run Junkie on

RunnerSpace Live:

The House of Run podcast, this week with Reese Hoffa (the most interesting man in the world shot putting).

Other news…
Blog post: Galen Rupp Marathon Talk An Indicator Of American Psychosis, in which Sam Juliano decries Galen Rupp’s possible move up to the marathon. I disagree.
Three questions: exactly how often these days can we see Rupp in a pro-level 10k? Is it required that he abandon the track if he runs the roads? And for what do we a similar former Duck from 30 years ago named Alberto Salazar–his track or road exploits? And then there’s the issue of different levels of earnings potential and publicity.

Another blog post: The Quest for Cool, in which AW’s Jason Henderson says us track guys are too dorky (with a few notable exceptions, such as Usain Bolt, who makes everything look good). Point taken.

Retired Swedish high jumper Kajsa Berqqvist has come out. I debated whether or not a personal issue like this this is newsworthy, but since sport is one of the least friendly arenas for such things that I thought it should be mentioned.

Top US women’s throwers will have a live online telesummit in January.

Jesse Williams and Christian Cantwell have been announced as entries to the U.S. Open, the January 28 “replacement” meet at Madison Square Garden.

The US teams for the January 7 Great Edinburgh Cross Country have been announced. As an aside, I think the time has come for a US a mass-participation cross country event like Scotland’s GECC. There are a few small ones, like the BAXC and Boston’s Mayor’s Cup, but nothing truly big.

Athletics Canada has announced its annual award winners, with shot put star Dylan Armstrong winning three of them.

Runner’s World’s brief chat with Deena Kastor.

The IAAF’s end-of-year review of the decathlon and heptathlon.

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