Olympic Trials Final Scorecard

With the much hoped-for women’s 100 meter runoff now officially kaput, the Olympic team for track and field is finalized (not counting relays).

If you want to take a look at the team, Track and Field News has a full accounting of the men and women.

I’ve put together a spreadsheet with all kids of info about every Olympian: sponsor and/or club (if any), college they competed for, current residence, hometown (as determined by high school), coach and agent.

So let’s summarize. In terms of number of Olympians, who leads various categories?
(Athletes who qualified in multiple events are counted multiple times)

Nike, 70
Asics, 7
adidas, 6
Saucony, 5
Brooks, 2
New Balance, 2
Li-Ning, 1
Mizuno, 1
Reebok, 1
Skechers, 1

New York Athletic Club, 8
Oregon Track Club (Eugene branch), 7
Oregon Track Club (Portland branch), 6
Oregon Distance Project, 4
Mammoth Track Club, 2
New Jersey-New York TC, 1
Army World Class Athletic Program, 1
Atlanta Track Club, 1
Austin Track Club, 1
Bay Area Track Club, 1
Hansons-Brooks Distance Project, 1
Sacramento Running Association, 1
Triangle Champions Track Club, 1
Walk USA, 1

College (leaders only):
Oregon, 8
Texas, 7
Colorado, 5
Florida, 5
Arizona State, 4
Tennessee, 4
Arizona, 3
Arkansas, 3
Georgia, 3
Southern Cal, 3

College (by conference):
Pac-12, 32
SEC, 20
Big XII, 13
ACC, 9
Big Ten, 8
Big East, 4
Heps, 4
Big West, 3
Mountain West, 2
Summit League, 2
WAC, 2
Big Sky, 1
Big South, 1
Mid-American, 1

Division II, 2
Division III, 4

State of residence (leaders only)
California, 27
Oregon, 19
Florida, 13
Texas, 11
Colorado, 5

State of hometown (leaders only)
California, 22
Texas, 9
Georgia, 7
Florida, 6
Oregon, 6
Missouri, 5
Arizona, 4
Illinois, 4
New York, 4
Virginia, 4
Washington, 4

Coach: (leaders only)
Jerry Schumacher, 6
Bobby Kersee, 4
Alberto Salazar, 3
Cliff Rovelto, 3
John Smith, 3
Mark Rowland, 3
Rana Reider, 3
“self”, 3

Agent: (leaders only)
“self”, 12
Mark Wetmore, 7
Paul Doyle, 7
Valentina Fedjuschina, 7
Chris Layne, 6
Ray Flynn, 6
Kimberly Holland, 5
Dan Lilot, 4
John Nubani, 4
Karen Locke, 4

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5 Responses to Olympic Trials Final Scorecard

  1. Robert says:

    Aren’t both Christian Taylor (TJ) and Justin Gatlin (100m) sponsored by Li-Ning?

  2. tracksuperfan says:

    So far as I know, Gatlin isn’t sponsored by anyone.

  3. Brian says:

    Great breakdown T&F Superfan!

  4. Martin says:

    Great work Jesse. Gatlin is sponsored by Xtep, no Li-ning. That is the logo on his speedsuit. There are a few press releases floating around the internet and SI also mentioned it in their article last week: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2012/olympics/2012/writers/tim_layden/06/24/tyson-gay-justin-gatlin/index.html

  5. Robert says:

    wow, you’re right haha. suppose i just saw a logo i didn’t recognize and attributed it to Li-Ning. My B! nice report!