New twist to NCAA season

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Earlier this week I got a tip that Florida States mens team had a trick up their sleeve this coming weekend at the North Florida Invitational.

So I thought Id go check out the heat sheets tonight and search for Florida State. What I found was very interesting, very interesting indeed.

Ngonidzashe Makusha, Florida States Zimbabwean long jump star, is entered in the triple jump. It appears it will be his career debut in the event.

Makusha already upset the NCAA formcharts at the ACC Championships, when he ran his first individual sprint race in years and put up a 9.97 (wind +2.0), which immediately made him a major player in the NCAA 100 meters.

If he can triple-jump well enough to break into the top few at the NCAA Championships, thats a game-changer. Not only would it add points to the Seminoles total, it would subtract from the major players in the hop-skip-jump eventwhich just happen to be the NCAA team favorites of Florida, Texas AM and LSU.

All we can do is wait and watch.