Major Conference Championship Team Projections

The two major conference championships going on this weekend are the SEC and Pac-12. So who is going to win?

One way is to look at the USTFCCCA rankings. In a situation like this, though, those are not exactly helpful–those rankings are a numerical measure of a team’s scoring potential at the NCAA Championships, which isn’t exactly the same thing as a conference championship.

Better yet is to come up with a “dope sheet”, a prediction of the outcome of each event, and then add up scores. You can then update your scoresheet as actual results come in, and adjust your predicted final score.

It’s a cumbersome project at times, which is why a) I haven’t done it for the Big Ten Championships (and maybe I’ll get to that later today) and b) I’m glad the Eugene Register-Guard already did it for the Pac-12.

Here are the predicted final scores, which I will periodically update throughout the weekend.

SEC Championships

On the men’s side, Arkansas’ 26-point gap is more likely to narrow than expand. On the women’s side…holy cow.
Meet homepage (schedule, live stream links)
Live results

153 Arkansas 124 Florida
127 Florida 123 LSU
125 Texas A&M 121 Arkansas
78 Georgia 104 Texas A&M
56 LSU 82 Georgia
51 Kentucky 47 Kentucky
50 Auburn 43 Missouri
41 Alabama 42 Auburn
38 Missouri 40 South Carolina
38 Mississippi 24 Tennessee
33 Tennessee 23 Miss State
31 Miss State 22 Alabama
9 South Carolina 13 Mississippi
9 Vanderbilt

Pac-12 Championships

It looks like an Duck sweep, but Arizona is going to make the Oregon women work for it.
Meet homepage
Live results

148 Oregon 159 Oregon
107 USC 121 Arizona
104 UCLA 89 Arizona State
89 Arizona State 84 Stanford
88 Washington 83 USC
69 California 80 UCLA
68 Arizona 55 Washington
54 Colorado 53 Colorado
47 Washington St. 38 Washington St.
45 Stanford 35 California
14 Utah
8 Oregon State

Eugene Register-Guard dope sheets:
Men | Women

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