Fan’s Guide to the NCAA Championships Day 3

Each day’s guide is intended to be a document used while watching the meet, to help you understand who the favorites are in each event and qualifying heat, and how the various players in the team championship races can affect the scoring.

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Day 2 recap
Four field events and one running event final were held, and the multi-event action was heavy.

The headline result of the day was a great battle in the men’s high jump. Erik Kynard of Kansas State and Derek Drouin of Indiana had combined for five of the last six NCAA indoor/outdoor titles. Kynard come out the winner in 2.34 meters (7′ 8″), good for #2 in the world this year and #5 on the all-time collegiate list.

The decathlon concluded with Boise State’s Kurt Felix as an upset winner. He clearly deserved it, posting PRs in two of the final five events and coming darn close in a third.

In the men’s javelin, favorite Tim Glover of Illinois State came through for the win, his second in a row.

The women’s 10,000 meters had been considered a wide-open event, with no clear favorite to win. Even so, it was a major surprise for Texas A&M’s Natosha Rogers to claim the title.

In the women’s long jump, TCU’s Whitney Gipson dominated the competition to complete an indoor/outdoor NCAA sweep.

In the women’s hammer throw, Southern Illinois’ Jeneva McCall narrowly won over Missouri Valley Conference rival Brittany Smith of Illinois State.

Team Scoring Update


My current men’s projections are Florida 45, Florida State 39, LSU 39, Texas A&M 38.

The biggest changes to the scoring prediction came in the javelin, where Florida’s Stipe Zunic did not live up to expectations and finished seventh, while Texas A&M’s Sam Humphreys finished second.

In the high jump, Florida’s Dwight Barbiasz did well to get third. In the 200 meters, Texas A&M’s Prezel Hardy failed to advance to the final; Ameer Webb did but didn’t look like he’ll score big when he gets there. In the decathlon, Florida State’s Gonzalo Barroilhet had been figured to win but had a very average outing and finished fourth.


My current women’s projections are Oregon 73, LSU 73, Kansas 48.

Oregon’s Allison Woodward ran an intelligent race and came through for four points in the 10,000 meters. Kansas got eight points out of the long jump with Francine Simpson (fourth) and Andrea Geubelle (sixth). LSU looks good for a 1-2 in the 200 meters, but Jasmin Stowers did not run all that well in the 100 hurdle semis and I’ve downgraded the expected points there. Oregon got both Hasay and Friday through to the 1500 final.

Today’s Action

You can follow all the action via live webcasts at and and the live results at

2:00 PM local / 3:00 PM Eastern
Men’s Hammer Throw
(trials and finals)
Heavy favorite Conor McCullough of Princeton fell afoul of strict Ivy League NCAA academic requirements and was not able to come to the championships. TFN’s top nine picks…
1. Alexander Ziegler (Virginia Tech)
2. Alec Faldermeyer (UCLA)
3. Jeremy Postin (Florida)
4. Justin Welch (Georgia)
5. Nick Miller (Oklahoma State)
6. Quentin Mege (Minnesota)
7. Michael Lauro (LSU)
8. Anastas Papazov (Manhattan)
9. Brandon Pounds (Indiana State)
Start list | Live results

3:00 PM local / 4:00 PM Eastern
Heptathlon Long Jump

Oregon’s Brianne Theisen was on fire in on the first day, setting PRs in three of the four events. It would take disaster for her to lose. After looking at the first day results and strengths and weaknesses in the remaining events, I have a re-ordering of predicted finish. The top five and their long jump PRs…
1. Brianne Theisen (Oregon) 6.24m
2. Chelsea Carrier-Eades (West Virginia) 6.42m
3. Barbara Nwaba (UCSB) 5.64m
4. Dorcas Akinniyi (Wisconsin) 5.97m
5. Kiani Profit (Maryland) 6.10m
Start list | Live results

4:15 PM local / 5:15 PM Eastern
Heptathlon Javelin Throw

The predicted top five and their javelin PRs…
1. Brianne Theisen (Oregon) 44.29m
2. Chelsea Carrier-Eades (West Virginia) 33.08m
3. Barbara Nwaba (UCSB) 43.95m
4. Dorcas Akinniyi (Wisconsin) 38.29m
5. Kiani Profit (Maryland) 38.71m
Start list | Live results

4:30 PM local / 5:30 PM Eastern
Men’s Triple Jump
(trials and finals)
This is a big event for Florida’s championship hopes, as Craddock is a strong favorite. TFN’s top ten picks…
1. Omar Craddock (Florida)
2. Chris Benard (Arizona State)
3. Troy Doris (Iowa)
4. Kyron Blaise (LSU)
5. Marcus Robinson (Virginia)
6. Phillip Young (Florida State)
7. Hasheem Halim (Virginia Tech)
8. Ricky Robertson (Mississippi)
9. Floyd Ross (New Mexico)
10. Nick Ross (Arizona)
also: Marquis Dendy (Florida)
Start list | Live results

4:30 PM local / 5:30 PM Eastern
Men’s Pole Vault

Always an unpredictable event. TFN’s top ten picks…
1. Jack Whitt (Oral Roberts)
2. Cale Simmons (Air Force)
3. Marvin Reitze (South Carolina)
4. Logan Cunningham (Texas State)
5. Kevin Schipper (Notre Dame)
6. J.J. Juilfs (Washington)
7. Michael Woepse (UCLA)
8. Sam Kendricks (Mississippi)
9. Nico Weiler (Harvard)
10. Derick Hinch (Arizona State)
also: Andreas Duplantis (LSU), Andrew LaHaye (Florida State)
Start list | Live results

4:30 PM local / 5:30 PM Eastern
Women’s High Jump

Barrett has been jumping very high this year and is targeting the collegiate record of 1.98 meters (6′ 6″). TFN’s top ten picks…
1. Brigetta Barrett (Arizona)
2. Shanay Briscoe (Texas)
3. Toni Young (Oklahoma State)
4. Victoria Lucas (Texas)
5. Tynita Butts (East Carolina)
6. Allison Barwise (Boston U)
7. Jeannelle Scheper (South Carolina)
8. Taylor Burke (Florida)
9. Maya Pressley (Auburn)
10. Ann Dudley (Middle Tennessee)
also: Lauren Crockett (Oregon)
Start list | Live results

5:00 PM local / 6:00 PM Eastern
Women’s Shot Put
(trials and finals)
Brooks has a very good chance at making the Olympic team in two weeks, and could challenge the collegiate record of 19.15 meters (62′ 10″). TFN’s top ten picks…
1. Tia Brooks (Oklahoma)
2. Jeneva McCall (Southern Illinois)
3. Kearsten Peoples (Missouri)
4. Brittany Smith (Illinois State)
5. Chinwe Okoro (Louisville)
6. Annie Alexander (Tennessee)
7. Khadija Abdullah (Louisville)
8. Whitney Ashley (San Diego State)
9. Skylar White (Baylor)
10. Tremanisha Taylor (NC State)
Start list | Live results

5:35 PM local / 6:35 PM Eastern
Men’s 400m Hurdles final

Morton is a pretty safe bet here. My predictions…
1. Amaechi Morton (Stanford)
2. Michael Stigler (Kansas)
3. Jamele Mason (Texas Tech)
4. David Aristil (South Florida)
5. Reggie Wyatt (USC)
6. Keyunta Hayes (UTSA)
7. Chris Carter (BYU)
8. Antonio Blanks (Ohio State)
Start list | Live results

5:45 PM local / 6:45 PM Eastern
Women’s 400m Hurdles final

My predictions…
1. Ellen Wortham (Tennessee)
2. Turquoise Thompson (UCLA)
3. Cassandra Tate (LSU)
4. Danielle Dowie (Texas)
5. Dalilah Muhammad (USC)
6. Kianna Elahi (Iowa State)
7. Thandi Stewart (Miami)
8. London Finley (Georgetown)
Start list | Live results

5:55 PM local / 6:55 PM Eastern
Men’s 100 meters final

Adams ran 9.96 in the heats, the fastest ever in a qualifying round at the NCAAs. How fast can he go in the finals? This event is crucial for Florida State. My predictions…
1. Harry Adams (Auburn)
2. Maurice Mitchell (Florida State)
3. Andrew Riley (Illinois)
4. Kemar Hyman (Florida State)
5. Charles Silmon (TCU)
6. Marcus Rowland (Auburn)
7. Darrell Wesh (Virginia Tech)
8. Aaron Ernest (LSU)
Start list | Live results

6:02 PM local / 7:02 PM Eastern
Women’s 100 meters final

This event will have a significant effect on the team title chase. I think LSU’s Duncan is close to unbeatable, though. My predictions…
1. Kimberlyn Duncan (LSU)
2. English Gardner (Oregon)
3. Octavious Freeman (UCF)
4. Semoy Hackett (LSU)
5. Aurieyall Scott (UCF)
6. Chelsea Hayes (Louisiana Tech)
7. Kai Selvon (Auburn)
8. Alexis Love (Murray State)
Start list | Live results

6:10 PM local / 7:10 PM Eastern
Men’s 800 meters final

Jock got run down at the very last moment by the now-pro Robby Andrews last year. Two Iowa collegians are in this, which should make the crowd come alive. My predictions…
1. Charles Jock (UC Irvine)
2. Edward Kemboi (Iowa State)
3. Elijah Greer (Oregon)
4. Ryan Martin (UC Santa Barbara)
5. Aaron Evans (Georgia)
6. Ricky West (Missouri)
7. Erik Sowinski (Iowa)
8. Sam Ellison (Villanova)
Start list | Live results

6:20 PM local / 7:20 PM Eastern
Women’s 800 meters final

This event could make it or break it for Oregon, as the 800 is by far the least predictable running event. My predictions…
1. Nachelle Mackie (BYU)
2. Anne Kesselring (Oregon)
3. Charlene Lipsey (LSU)
4. Chanelle Price (Tennessee)
5. Laura Roesler (Oregon)
6. Caroline King (Boston College)
7. Kathy Klump (Cincinnati)
8. Megan Malasarte (Georgia)
Start list | Live results

6:30 PM local / 7:30 PM Eastern
Women’s Steeplechase final

Oregon has the potential for surprise points here. TFN’s top picks…
1. Shalaya Kipp (Colorado)
2. Genevieve LaCaze (Florida)
3. Alexi Pappas (Dartmouth)
4. Alyssa Kulik (Clemson)
5. Rebekah Stowe (Kansas)
6. Astrid Leutert (Florida State)
7. Amber Henry (Weber State)
8. Colleen Quigley (Florida State)
also: Kimber Mattox (Oregon), Melanie Thompson (Oregon)
Start list | Live results

6:45 PM local / 7:45 PM Eastern
Heptathlon 800 meters

The predicted top five and their 800 PRs…
1. Brianne Theisen (Oregon) 2:11.8
2. Chelsea Carrier-Eades (West Virginia) 2:18.4
3. Barbara Nwaba (UCSB) 2:17.7
4. Dorcas Akinniyi (Wisconsin) 2:21.4
5. Kiani Profit (Maryland) 2:09.7
Start list | Live results

6:55 PM local / 7:55 PM Eastern
Men’s 400 meters final

McQuay is the defending USATF champion and the Gators need ten points from him. Texas A&M’s Lendore is a question mark. My predictions…
1. Tony McQuay (Florida)
2. Josh Mance (USC)
3. Mike Berry (Oregon)
4. Gil Roberts (Texas Tech)
5. David Verburg (George Mason)
6. Deon Lendore (Texas A&M)
7. Akheem Gauntlett (Arkansas)
8. Brady Gehret (Penn State)
Start list | Live results

7:02 PM local / 8:02 PM Eastern
Women’s 400 meters final

This is probably going to be a battle between two young Midwesterners, but Oregon’s Francis looked dynamite in last night’s 4×400 heats and Spencer did not. My predictions…
1. Ashley Spencer (Illinois)
2. Diamond Dixon (Kansas)
3. Phyllis Francis (Oregon)
4. Rebecca Alexander (LSU)
5. Marlena Wesh (Clemson)
6. Regina George (Arkansas)
7. Jody-Ann Muir (Miss State)
8. Lenora Guion-Firmin (UMES)
Start list | Live results

7:10 PM local / 7:10 PM Eastern
Men’s 5000 meters final

Lalang was unbeatable indoors, breaking the outdoor collegiate record for this distance, but hasn’t been as sharp outdoors. Levins was a man among boys in Wednesday’s 10,000. This should be great. TFN’s top ten picks…
1. Lawi Lalang (Arizona)
2. Cam Levins (Southern Utah)
3. Paul Chelimo (UNC Greensboro)
4. Mohammed Ahmed (Wisconsin)
5. Trevor Dunbar (Oregon)
6. Hassan Mead (Minnesota)
7. George Alex (Oklahoma)
8. Joe Stilin (Princeton)
9. Stephen Sambu (Arizona)
10. William Mulherin (Virginia Tech)
Start list | Live results

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