Jim Fuchs

Yale, 1948-50, throws & sprints

Jim Fuchs was the most valuable thrower in the immediate post-WWII era. He was a great shot putter, breaking the world record in a tri-meet against Michigan State and Southern Cal. He was a good discus thrower, rarely losing to anyone but teammate Victor Frank (who held the dual meet record at the time). Even more unusual was his speed, occasionally running the 100 yards or indoor sprint (and usually winning when he did). Had the 4×100 been a standard part of the collegiate dual meet when he competed, he might have been Yale’s anchor.

By the end of his college career, Fuchs had five of the six best shot put marks in dual meet history, and was near the top in the discus as well. He lost in the shot put just once, early in his sophomore year and to a teammate. His Yale Bulldogs won 16 of the 17 dual meets in which he competed–and in that lone loss, a tri-meet against CCC champions Michigan State and the west-coast juggernaut of Southern Cal, he did everything he could. He broke the shot put world record and took second in the discus behind USC’s Sim Iness, who won Olympic gold two years later.

2/14/1948 vs Princeton 1st SP 51′ 2½”
2/23/1948 vs Harvard 1st SP 52′ 11½”
3/20/1948 at Cornell 1st SP 51′ 7½”
4/17/1948 at Columbia 2nd 48′ 2″
5/8/1948 at Harvard 1st SP 52′ 1¾”
5/22/1948 vs Penn
& Dartmouth
1st SP 51′ 3″
2nd DT 153′ 4″
2/5/1949 vs Princeton 1st 60y 6.6
1st Shot 55′ 7½”
2/19/1949 vs Harvard 1st Shot 54′ 7½”
3/19/1949 at Cornell 1st 75y 7.7
1st SP 55′ 8 ⅝”
4/23/1949 vs Dartmouth
& Columbia
1st SP 55′ 8½”
2nd DT
5/7/1949 at Princeton 1st 100y 10.4
1st SP 55′ 1⅛”
2nd DT 159′ 2″
5/21/1949 vs Harvard 1st SP 54′ 10¼”
2nd DT
3/18/1950 at Cornell 1st SP 56′ 1¾”
4/22/1950 vs Dartmouth
& Columbia
1st SP 56′ ⅞”
2nd DT
4/29/1950 at Southern Cal
w/ Michigan St
1st SP 58′ 5½” WR
2nd DT 161′ 11″
5/6/1950 vs Princeton 1st SP 56′ 1¾”
2nd DT 171′ 8⅜”
5/13/1950 at Harvard 1st SP 56′ 6⅛”
DT 167′ 9⅞”

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