Jesse Owens

Owens working out for photographers at Ohio Stadium

Ohio State, 1935-36, sprints/hurdles/long jump

Jesse Owens needs no introduction. In terms of dual meets, he was as valuable an athlete as there ever was. In ten career dual meets, he competed in 38 events and won 36 times. His only losses came in indoor events that were not his specialty. Twice in dual meets he tied the 100 yard world record, and he broke the dual meet record in the long jump, the 220 yards (both on the straightaway and around a turn), and the 220 yard hurdles. The Buckeyes didn’t win every meet in which Owens ran, but nothing more could have been asked of him.

Owens helped set a dual meet record that is probably the single most unbreakable of them all: attendance. Shortly after his astounding day of four world records at the Big Ten Championships, the Buckeyes traveled to Southern Cal for a dual and an estimated 40,000 fans turned out to see the meet.

2/9/35 at Indiana (ID) 1st 60y 6.3
1st LJ 24′ 6½”
2nd 70yHH 8.7
1st 70yLH 7.6
2/15/35 at Illinois (ID) 1st 60y 6.3
1st LJ 25′ 9″ DMR
1st 70yHH 9.0
1st 75yLH 8.3
3/2/35 at Michigan (ID) 2nd 60y
1st 65yH
5/4/35 vs Notre Dame 1st 100y 9.6
1st 220yS 21.0
1st LJ 24′ 6⅛”
1st 220H 23.2
5/11/35 at Michigan 1st 100y 9.6
1st 220yS 20.9
1st LJ 24′ 5⅞”
1st 220H 22.9 DMR
5/18/35 at Northwestern
w/ Wisconsin
& Chicago
1st 100y 9.4 =WR
1st 220yS 20.7
1st LJ 25′ 5″
1st 220H 24.9
6/15/35 at Southern Cal 1st 100y 9.7
1st 220yS 20.7
1st LJ 25′ 5½”
1st 220H 23.1
5/2/36 vs Michigan 1st 100y 9.4w
1st 220yT 21.7
1st LJ 23′ 8¾”
1st 220H 23.7
5/9/36 at Notre Dame
w/ Michigan State
1st 100y 9.5
1st 220yS 20.5 DMR
1st LJ 24′ 10¾”
1st 220H 24.1
6/13/36 vs Southern Cal 1st 100y 9.4 =WR
1st 220yT 21.3 DMR
1st LJ 25′ 8¼”
1st 220H 23.7

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