Henry Rono

Washington State, 1977-1981, distances

Henry Rono was simply the greatest collegiate distance runner of all time. In 1978 he broke the 5000 meter world record in a tri-meet against Arizona State and Cal, running 13:08.4, which stands as the dual-meet record. He also holds the dual-meet record for the steeplechase at 8:14.75. He has three of the four fastest steeplechases in dual-meet history, and two of the three fastest 5ks. His only loss in dual-meet competition was during his freshman year, when he took 5th in a 1500 meter race while doubling back from the steeplechase on an hour’s rest. He led his Washington State Cougars to a 29-2 record in his three years of competition.

4/9/77 at Boise St w/ BYU 1st Stpl 8:38.37
4/16/77 vs Oregon 1st Stpl 8:59.8
5th 1500 3:57.1
4/30/77 at Washington 1st Stpl 8:57.21
4/8/78 at Cal w/ Ariz St 1st 5k 13:08.4 WR
4/15/78 at Oregon 1st Stpl 8:14.75 CR
4/22/78 vs Boi St, Mont & Co St 1st Mile 4:00.9 (windy)
4/29/78 vs Washington 1st Stpl 8:24.4
4/7/79 at Oregon State 1st Stpl 8:56.87
1st 5k 13:59.00
4/21/79 at Oregon 1st Stpl 8:22.85
5/5/79 at Washington w/ Mont 1st Stpl 8:43.6
3/28/81 vs Idaho & Montana 1st 5k 14:12.30
4/4/81 at Oregon 1st Stpl 9:00.87
1st 5k 14:03.39

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