George Horine

Stanford, 1910-12, high jump

George Horine set the world record in the high jump at 6′ 6¼” while competing for Stanford against Southern Cal in 1912. He was a pioneer who created what was later known as the western roll. He never lost in collegiate dual meet competition.

Horine’s Stanford teams were competing near the dawn of big-time collegiate sports on the west coast. Teams competed in very few meets, considering the great distances that had to be traveled to find other major universities. Another occurrence that became odd later but was not so back then: Horine quit the Stanford team during his senior year and joined the San Francisco Olympic Club.

3/5/10 at USC results unknown
4/16/10 vs Cal 1st HJ 6′ ⅞”
3/4/11 at USC 1st HJ 6′ 3″
4/1/11 vs USC 1st HJ 6′ 4″ DMR
4/15/11 vs Cal tied for 1st HJ 6′ 3″
3/2/12 at USC tied for 1st HJ 5′ 10″
3/26/12 vs Pomona 1st HJ 6′ 4¾” DMR
3/29/12 vs USC 1st 6′ 6 ⅛” WR
4/20/12 vs Cal 1st 6′ 3⅞”

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