Dual Meet Hall of Fame: Sheila Hudson

The second-to-last athlete honored in the spring 2013 class of the Dual Meet Hall of Fame is Cal long/triple jumper Sheila Hudson.

Hudson was a four-time NCAA Champion, three times in the triple jump and once in the long jump. In dual meet competition she was a team player, regularly doing double duty in the jumps plus running on the 4×100 relay and sometimes the open 100.

My data on Hudson in dual meet competition is rather sparse, as she competed at a time when they were falling out of favor, but also because the late 80s and early 90s were a tough time for getting this kind of information. What I have shows her undefeated, putting up marks that remain near the top of the all-time dual meet lists.

What I have on her career:

4/25/87 at Oregon w/ BYU 1st LJ 20′ 6/5w
1st TJ 43′ 10″w
3rd 4×100
5/2/87 vs Stanford 1st LJ 20′ 8.5″w
1st TJ 43′ 1/4″
4/23/88 vs Oregon & Fresno State 3rd 100m 12.08
1st LJ 21′ 8.75″
1st TJ 43′ 9.25″
3rd 4×100
4/30/88 vs Stanford results unknown
redshirted 1988
4/21/90 vs Oregon 1st LJ 21-6.25
1st TJ 45-1 dual meet record
4/28/90 vs Stanford 1st LJ 21-7
1st TJ 42-11
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