Dual Meet Hall of Fame: Randy Matson

The next athlete honored in the spring 2013 class of my Dual Meet Hall of Fame is James Randal “Randy” Matson.

Matson was the greatest collegiate thrower of all time. He lost just once in his entire college career at Texas A&M, setting collegiate and world records along the way.

In dual meet competition, he was unworldly. He broke the dual meet record in his very first collegiate shot put competition and broke it four more times in his three years of eligibility (and broke the discus record twice). Of course, going into that first collegiate meet, he was already the Olympic silver medalist.

He finished off his dual meet career with a world record 71′ 5½” throw (21.78 meters). Forty-six years later, it still stands as the dual meet record. Matson owns four of the top ten marks in dual meet history, and ranks #3 in the discus.

In later years, he continued to work with his alma mater in fund-raising and promotional roles, but has now retired.

His complete dual meet career:

2/27/65 vs Baylor 1st SP 66′ 8½” dual meet record
1st DT 185′ 3½”
3/6/65 at Rice w/ Texas 1st SP 65′ 7″
1st DT 170′ 7½”
3/20/65 at LSU w/ Rice 1st SP 63′ 9″
1st DT 189′ 1″
4/9/65 vs Baylor, Texas & SMU 1st SP 67′ 11¼” dual meet record
1st DT 190′ 7″
4/14/65 at Baylor w/ Texas Tech 1st SP 67′ ¼”
1st DT 201′ 1½” dual meet record
4/30/65 at Texas w/ Rice 1st SP 69′ ¾” dual meet record
1st DT 195′ 10½”
3/19/66 at Rice w/ LSU 1st SP 62′ ¾”
1st DT 161′ 8″
4/12/66 vs Baylor 1st SP 65′ 10¼”
1st DT 191′ 6½”
2/24/67 vs Baylor 1st SP 68′ 8¾”
1st DT
3/3/67 at Texas w/ Rice 1st SP 66′ 5½”
1st DT 184′ 6″
3/18/67 vs Rice & LSU 1st DT 200′ 7¾”
4/8/67 vs Baylor & TCU 1st SP 70′ 5½” dual meet record
1st DT 213′ 9″ dual meet record
4/12/67 at Baylor 1st SP 68′ 7″
1st DT 189′ 5″
4/15/67 at New Mexico w/ Kansas 1st SP 69′ 2¼
1st DT 190′ 8½”
4/22/67 vs Baylor & Texas Tech 1st SP 71′ 5½” World Record
1st DT 200′ 11″

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