Dual Meet Hall of Fame: Merlene Ottey

The last athlete in the Winter 2013 class of honorees in my Dual Meet Hall of Fame is Nebraska’s Merlene Ottey. The winter inductees come from the midwest and northeast, and no female athlete from this part of the country can top her accomplishments in dual meets.

Later dubbed the “Bronze Queen” for her string of third-place finishes in major competition, here she could be called the “Dos Equis Woman”. She did not always compete in dual meets (only five in four years), but when she did she set a record. In two indoor meets, she twice broke the 300 yard world record. In three outdoor meets, she broke the dual meet record in three events — and in every single outdoor dual meet race she ever ran.

Click on over to see her career record.

Tomorrow I honor a coach, and on Tuesday I make the big selection–the Hall of Fame rivalry. I will give a hint in that the rivalry I have chosen is intense, as important to the athletes involved as any rivalry is in any college sport.

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