Dual Meet Hall of Fame: Jim Fuchs

The second honoree in the initial winter class of my Dual Meet Hall of Fame is Jim Fuchs, who threw for Yale from 1947 to 1950. His primary event was the shot put, in which he was twice ranked #1 in the world and set four world records (one during a triangular with Southern Cal and Michigan State, noted below). He was also very good in the discus and even won a couple of sprint races in dual meets–a fearsome sight at 215 pounds–but was restricted from that duty after incurring a few leg injuries. All in all, his excellence and versatility made him one of the most valuable throwers in dual-meet history. Click on over to see his career record.

Fuchs is the first Hall of Fame inductee from the Northeast. His Yale Bulldogs were the dominant Northeastern team in his era, as they won sixteen of seventeen dual meets in which Fuchs participated, with their only loss coming in a tri-meet against the west coast juggernaut of Southern Cal and Michigan State, then the midwest’s top team. Read the New York Times’ obituary after his passing in 2010.

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