Dual Meet Hall of Fame: Jackie Joyner (Kersee)

As a nod to the USC-UCLA rivalry, every spring will see one athlete from each of the two universities honored in the Dual Meet Hall of Fame. The last athlete was a Trojan and this one will be a Bruin.

She’s only the greatest athlete of all time, and possibly the most versatile, so Jackie Joyner (Kersee*) is a natural for the Dual Meet Hall of Fame.

My listing of Joyner’s career dual meet record looks rather sparse in terms of meets because I’m probably missing a bit. It’s also a bit sparse because in most of those seasons she was still playing basketball for the Bruins well into the early part of the West Coast track season. Joyner redshirted the 1984 season to prepare for the Olympics, too.

But when she competed…whew. She set two dual meet records that may never be broken. One was with a long jump of 22’ 11¼” (6.99 meters). Another was for the heptathlon.

Heptathlon? Yes, heptathlon. In an April 1982 triangular against USC and Utah State, Joyner did all seven heptathlon events (plus a leg on the 4×100). Scored on the current tables, it’s 5527 points in just under 3 hours.

4/10/82 vs Oregon 1st HJ 5-7
1st LJ 19-6
4/17/82 at USC w/ Utah St 2nd 200m 24.72
5th 800m 2:20.44
1st 100H 14.68w
3rd HJ 5-4
1st LJ 20-5½
6th SP 36-6½
6th JT 124-6
1st 4×100 45.61
4/9/83 at Oregon 2nd 100m 12.24
1st 200m 24.78
1st 100H 14.02
1st LJ 19′ 6″
1st 4×100 45.60
4/13/85 vs Cal Poly 1st HJ 6-0
1st LJ 19-11¾
1st TJ 41-6½w
2nd SP 44-3
1st 4×100 45.88
1st 4×400 (53.6 split)
5/4/85 at USC 2nd 100H 13.19
2nd HJ 5-11½
1st LJ 22-11¼ dual meet record
2nd JT 157-5
1st 4×100 44.13 DMR
1st 4×400 (52.5 split)

*Joyner did not marry Bobby Kersee until 1986, after her collegiate career was over.

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