Don’t look beyond this software!

It was in the final year of college and our gang of boys was in a mood to challenge each other. Ross had begun online trading without telling the other three and so he was severely at task. Even I was in for a shock. Ross was fun loving but he was industrious. He was never the laid back or the lazy kind.

The boys including me teased him for taking up binary trading especially when Mrs. Gangner had in the previous lesson made it quite clear that most of these software are cheats who lure people by playing their “get rich soon” kind of schemes.

Ross was confident that the automated trading robot that he had chosen was one hundred percent legit. But we were in no mood to listen. Finally, we all decided to take different software and fund it each. In a time period of fifteen days or roughly about two weeks we would compare the results to see who was right.

Ross was hooked to Ethereum Code which he thought was the most genuine program that he had ever come across. Smith, Glenn and I opted for three other different crypto robots.

A crypto robot is any software that deals exclusively in forex and cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, litecoin, Ethereum etc. a crypto robot is much in demand for today because forex and cryptocurrencies have a good scope of earning in binary options. Also, people are so curious about cryptocurrencies that half of them get drawn to read more about Ethereum Code, out of curiosity and the other half just to see if they are lucky.

Most of the crypto robots including the Ethereum Code are highly advanced with state of the art technology. The program itself is made up of sophisticated algorithms. A crypto robot analyzed the market conditions and tells the trader to either sell the cryptocurrencies or to retain it. it also helps to understand the trade signals and places the trade automatically.

Coming back to the story:

At the end of the two weeks, Ross had almost doubled up hi initial invested and was ahead with $500. The rest of us were in abysmal low since we had not only been unable to create a corpus but we had shamefully even lost our initial deposit of $250 each!!

We had to tow Ross’s line:

Yes finally, we had to accept that Ethereum Code had the best robot. It is important to mention that if a program is called crypto robot, it does not mean it relies completely on the robotic mode it also has a manual mode for people who would love to switch between the two modes.