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Growing up just an hour south of The D, I’m a Detroit sports fan all the way. That makes me a Hansons-Brooks fan and a Desi Davila fan.

Runner’s World has a looong story on Davila, where she came from, how she became a top runner, and her preparations for the upcoming Olympic Trials marathon. Read it, it’s awesome.

The fall guy in the story is announcer Larry Rawson. Writer Bruce Barcott used him to personify the masses who had never heard of Davila until she appeared at the front of the Boston Marathon shortly after Heartbreak Hill. If this is an accurate portrayal, then Rawson has accomplished the amazing feat of being even less useful than I think he is.

I meet up with a few friends every Monday morning for breakfast. They know I like track and have a passing knowledge of the sport. On this year’s Boston Marathon Monday, one noted that USA Today had run a story on an American woman who might have a shot at winning. It’s easy for me to say this now, but they’ll back me up: I retorted that there was an American with a shot at the title, but USA Today had picked the wrong one. I told them the name Desiree Davila would be in the papers the next morning.

Honestly, I didn’t really think Davila stood a good chance of winning. I was happily surprised to see her take the lead late in the race. But I thought she was at the time doubtlessly the #2 American marathoner behind Shalane Flanagan. That Rawson did not take her seriously is unimaginable to me.

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One Response to Desi Davila story

  1. runbei says:

    Thanks for promoting that story. It may be the best profile of a distance runner that I’ve read. (I began running in 1968 and worked at RW for four years.)

    Just a wonderful story on several levels. I was particularly inspired to read about the advantages of the team approach to training – it just makes so much sense.