College Track Bracketology – Second Round

As March Madness was ramping up, I introduced College Track Bracketology. The idea is simple: pick 64 teams based on the indoor season, seed them into brackets, and play them off.

I determined first-round winners by comparing best marks made outdoors in March and scoring as if a dual meet. For the second round, I used marks from the first two weekends in April. The results:

Upsets are in yellow. If you prefer a .pdf version, here you go.

The two most notable upsets involved the only remaining ACC teams, Florida State and Virginia Tech. More than likely this is due to the ACC Championships coming up this weekend, and neither team putting a lot of effort out over the last two weeks. I’d say it’s a weakness in my system, but this is just for fun, so there’s nothing big at stake here. There are also a lot of critics of the ACC’s antiquated early date, Let’s Run’s Johnson brothers among them.

The next rounds will be determined by marks made between now and the conference championships; only one team, UConn, is in a conference that holds its championship meet a week earlier than most. The Sweet Sixteen come from just a few circuits: Big Ten (Indiana, Iowa, Nebraska, Penn State), Big 12 (Texas A&M, Texas, Oklahoma), Pac-12 (Oregon, Stanford, Arizona State), SEC (Arkansas, LSU, Georgia), Mountain West (Air Force) and Big East (UConn). BYU is now independent for outdoor track.

As I compiled the results, it appeared to me that the strongest teams in this kind of competition are Oregon and Texas A&M. Indiana, Stanford and BYU are all pretty good too.

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