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>VISA Championship Series Issues

>There‚Äôs been a bit of barking over the VISA Championships Series standings and the venue of the upcoming USATF Championships. The series awards bonus money to the top three Americans, as measured by their best performance in the series according … Continue reading

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>Statheads Rejoice!

>At the bottom of the IAAF’s World Championships home page are two seemingly innocuous links, labeled “Statistics Book, Berlin 2009 – Part One (pdf)” and “Statistics Book, Berlin 2009 – Part Two (pdf)“. The data held in them is amazing. … Continue reading

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>Deeeeep 2007 US Marathon Lists

>A few years back I compiled all the sub-2:45 (men) and sub-3:15 (women) marathons run by Americans. I did not do this gargantuan task for 2006 or 2007, but Philip McGoff kindly did the work for us this year. We’re … Continue reading

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>Jones fallout

>The chatter on the message boards and in the press is full of shock and disappointment. Come on, folks. This is as surprising as if O.J. came out and admitted he killed his wife. Or, more accurately, if he admitted … Continue reading

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>Berlin Marathon

>I woke up in the middle of the night with an upset stomach–I think I got dehydrated at the cross-country meet yesterday. Anyway, I looked over at the clock and saw that it was around 3:30 AM, and thought, “If … Continue reading

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>Powell’s Record

>Powell seems to own the all-time world list. He’s now got five of the six fastest times, and it will change to five of five once Gatlin’s mark officially gets the boot. Yet he’s obviously not the world’s best 100-meter … Continue reading

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>IAAF World Rankings Kaput

>Officially. Discuss. The IAAF unveiled its own World Rankings a few years back. They were somewhat akin to those used in professional tennis and golf, but but not quite as useful. In fact, sometimes they were downright awful. I respect … Continue reading

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>The men’s 100 meter world list

>I know what you’re thinking. The IAAF keeps it here. And it’s the official world list, but if you’re trying to compare performances it’s less than ideal. Wind speed and altitude can have tremendous effects on 100-meter times. This nifty … Continue reading

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>Haile Gebrselassie’s Record

>By this time I’m sure you’re aware of Geb’s lastest world record, 21,285 meters in one hour. How does this match up compared to his other accomplishments? Not particularly well. While it is true that no other human being has … Continue reading

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>Sprint stats

>Tyson Gay’s winning 100m time at the USATF, 9.84, is the second-fastest ever into a headwind. The fastest, 9.83, was made by Maurice Greene in 2001 at the Edmonton World Championships. I saw both of these live and in person, … Continue reading

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