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>What Nike Fears

>Adidas? No. A shutdown of the NFL? No. It’s this.

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>The Hilarity, The Hilarity

>This is too precious. Sarah Palin did a Turkey Trot 5k yesterday in Kennewick WA. The Tri-City Herald reports: Palin had announced on Twitter that she would be running the 5k race organized by the Benton-Franklin Chapter of the Red … Continue reading

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>It Had To Happen

>Some yahoo at named Darren Rovell, who writes their Sports Biz blog, put up a short post titled “Marathon’s headline win is empty“. Noting that Meb was not born in the USA, Keflezighi’s country of origin is Eritrea, a … Continue reading

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>Senator & Beer Mile

>I’ve always like Sen. Dick Lugar (R-IN) better than most if not all Republicans in the Senate. He’s no William Proxmire, but then again no one is. Lugar is generally not a Dick. No surprise, then, that he’d play along…Senator … Continue reading

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>Leftist Political Columnist? ESPN?

>Apparently it is so. I saw Michael Moore’s Capitalism: A Love Story last night and found it…feh. And I really like his stuff, but not this stuff. I agree with his basic idea, that lawlessness (economic or otherwise) allows the … Continue reading

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>Ohio HS XC Meet In Flux?

>Two newspaper articles about Ohio governor Ted Strickland’s new budget which calls for slot mahines at the state’s horse tracks (via Let’s Run): Slotted for trouble? State high school officials ponder status of cross-country meet at Scioto Downs due to … Continue reading

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>Old Guard versus New Guard

>A while back I wrote about how Track & Field News’ staff is a bit set in their ways, generally not wishing to rock the boat by, you know, actually writing about important stuff. This was when The Final Sprint … Continue reading

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>The Final Nail in the Coffin

>For the past several years, I’ve been of two minds when it came time to renewing my Runner’s World subscription. On one hand, it’s a 95% worthless rag. On the other hand, there’s usually one article worth reading, and it’s … Continue reading

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>RadioLab on Race & Races

>My favorite podcast in the world is WNYC’s RadioLab. It’s a regularly broadcast show available on many public radio stations, but it probably works even better as a podcast. If you’ve never heard it (and you probably haven’t), try it. … Continue reading

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>Obama & Track

>Have you heard? There was an election the other day. Sportswriters are already considering how an Obama presidency might affect their world; Phil Hersh and Lester Munson give the deepest thoughts on the issue. Two points have direct impact on … Continue reading

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