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>Don Cherry Watch

>I’ve not watched a whole lot of the Winter Olympics. I like a lot of the sports, and my earliest (and best) Olympic memories are of Lake Placid in 1980. But the NBC coverage leaves a lot to be desired, … Continue reading

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>What Nike Fears

>Adidas? No. A shutdown of the NFL? No. It’s this.

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>Things I Learned on Vacation

>Things I learned on my trip with my wife’s family to the Great Smoky Mountains‚Ķ 10 family members √∑ 1 cabin X 4 days > our patienceEverything you need to know about Cincinnati can be learned from the highway: it … Continue reading

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>More Entertainer Deaths

>Molly Sugden, aka Mrs. Slocombe, has died. My pussy is distraught at the news. Are you as surprised as I was to hear she was still alive?

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>I’ve been unusually absent from posting here in the last few days. Part of this is due to packing up and closing out the last few days of school (there will be no more “Six at Eleven” posts until September) … Continue reading

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>Anti-Doping News

>Not track-related: How weird does it get? This weird: Brian McNamee, Roger Clemens’s ex-trainer says he saved syringes and needles used in the injections of anabolic steroids and HGH into the Rocket. Read more.

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