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>Rethinking Collegiate Regionals and Nationals

>Recently Texas A&M head coach Pat Henry was interviewed by Flotrack about last weekend’s NCAA preliminary rounds, and he did not have nice things to say about it. He said it was bad for track & field. This was discussed … Continue reading

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>Let’s Run Innovation

>Let’s Run has stopped waiting for other people to make it and went and did it themselves. They’ve got a daily “Fan Guide” of info about featured races at the Mt. SAC Relays, and embedded the live Flocast coverage in … Continue reading

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>April Fool’s Day

>A roundup of the best April Fool’s Day track articles…S.C. runner ticketed for running too fastPresident Obama Rips Ultra Successful Nike Oregon ProjectTexas runner trains with cheetahAthletics World Worried As Bolt Leaves Club EarlyOregon runners sprint to IdahoRussian Officials Question … Continue reading

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>Curtis Beach

>Way down the page in Let’s Run’s weekly recap, they compare Curtis Beach’s high school decathlon record to Roman Sebrle’s world record. Not a valid comparison; Sebrle was 26 years old when he set that record. A more valid comparison … Continue reading

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>Weekend Update

>There’s news, and then there’s analysis of the news. The internet and its blogs and non-traditional reporting has allowed the latter to thrive. Here are four great examples from the last week. 1) Kenenisa Bekele gets beaten in Edinburgh XCAnd … Continue reading

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>Bad Running Movies

>I’m a fan of so-bad-they’re-good movies, such as Can’t Stop The Music. If you do too, you may want to check out this discussion thread. It sounds as though the one most up my alley is Courage, a sort of … Continue reading

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>Six at Eleven

>RW Daily News has all the headlines, including Gateshead and Zagreb track results. Let’s Run looks back on the week. Berlin is looking at a long-term Olympic bid. Who is the world’s most dominant athlete: Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt, Tiger … Continue reading

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>World Championships Fantasy League

>There are three online contests that I know of: Let’s Run’s prediction contest, USATF’s Pick N’ Win contest, and the IAAF’s Fantasy Athletics. My other responsibilities are ramping up, so I’m only playing one. The first two are straight pick-em … Continue reading

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>Worlds Previews

>I was out of the loop for several days, taking my team on a training camp. Today I see that Let’s Run has deep previews of every event in the upcoming World Championships. Indexed to results, organized both by event … Continue reading

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>Progression of World Records

>Over at Let’s Run there’s a thread titled Progression of World Records seems to be screeching to a holt [sic]. There’s some pretty good discussion mixed in with the usual idiocy. As usual, the numbers on their face must be … Continue reading

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