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>ESPN Responds

>Earlier today, ESPN ombudsman Don Ohlmeyer wrote about many things, vuvuzelas included, but item #3 was a well-reasoned response to last Friday’s cutaway during the USATF Championships 5k to show the end of a baseball no-hitter. Nothing is more galling … Continue reading

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>Usain Bolt is…everywhere

>Even before Usain Bolt announced he’ll run the Penn Relays he was everywhere. He’s profiled in this month’s Esquire magazine. ESPN’s Page 2 has a nice piece, too: It made me think about the past dozen years or so, as … Continue reading

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>April Fool’s Day

>A roundup of the best April Fool’s Day track articles…S.C. runner ticketed for running too fastPresident Obama Rips Ultra Successful Nike Oregon ProjectTexas runner trains with cheetahAthletics World Worried As Bolt Leaves Club EarlyOregon runners sprint to IdahoRussian Officials Question … Continue reading

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>NFL Combine

>As discussed ad infinitum elsewhere, 40-yard dash times are notoriously imprecise. But ESPN has given us a “cheat sheet” for the upcoming NFL combine. Note that Darrell Green supposedly ran 4.43 on his recent 50th birthday. That would have made … Continue reading

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>Santa Speedo Run

>ESPN’s Page 2 covers The Hub’s second-most important annual road race. Key quotes: “We were sitting around one Thursday night at the bar, and somebody said, ‘We should do something fun and stupid like we used to when we were … Continue reading

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>Guess I’m A Sports Dufus

>ESPN’s Page 2 has a column listing the 20 things that make you look like a sports dufus. Sooner or later, every last one of us ends up looking like a sports doofus — casting sound social judgment overboard, setting … Continue reading

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>Green Man?

>Who the heck is the Green Man?And why is he running the Chicago Marathon? ESPN explains.

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>Bill Simmons, aka ESPN’s Sports Guy, regularly publishes a steaming pile of writing he calls a “mailbag”. It’s entertaining, but rarely has much to do with sports. But here he stumbles across the truth. [E]ach sport has its own unique … Continue reading

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>Six at Eleven

>RW Daily has all the headlines, including previews of the big Zurich Weltkasse meet. Speaking of Zurich, nearly 5000 fans came to the rail station to see Usain Bolt arrive yesterday. Scott Bush suggests USATF fan fests. I’d go. ESPN’s … Continue reading

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>Let’s Run, SportsCenter

>The day after the Lausanne Super GP meet, Usain Bolt’s 19.59 run in the rain made SportsCenter’s top ten plays. The lead in was a snyde, but funny, remark: “What’s the only thing more boring than track? Field.” Needless to … Continue reading

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