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>Doug Logan Gets It

>In his latest blog post, he is not satisfied with the state of domestic TV coverage. “The UK and Europe have some of the most entertaining broadcasts you can find in track and field, and there is much we can, … Continue reading

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>USA versus USSR Dual Meets

>Bleacher Report calls them the greatest track meets of all time. Good post, well worth reading. A few weeks ago I noticed a several-day uptick in hits on this topical blog post. Research, perhaps?

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>Old Guard versus New Guard

>A while back I wrote about how Track & Field News’ staff is a bit set in their ways, generally not wishing to rock the boat by, you know, actually writing about important stuff. This was when The Final Sprint … Continue reading

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>The Professional T&F Website?

>Something I missed earlier this week was a post by Scott Bush at his US Distance Runner blog titled Wanted: A Professional Track and Field Website. From October 2008 until two weeks ago, I was working for Trackshark. As you … Continue reading

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>New Blogs and More Thoughts on the Project 30 report

>Two more: 400 Flat Out, which concentrates on the 400, and Notes on a Running Life. The latter, written by Douglas Hegley, has examined the recent Project 30 task force report from the perspective of a road racer. Hegley looks … Continue reading

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>New Blog

>A new track & field blog: The View From the Finish Line, written by fan Conway Hill.

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>New Podcast

>Prerace Jitters has a new “radio” show. I haven’t had a chance to listen yet. It’s downloadable but does not appear to be available on iTunes.

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>The Final Sprint 2008 Previews

>The Final Sprint has posted some previews for 2008, with more to come I’m sure. So far they’ve got men’s sprints and men’s middle distances. Unfortunately, it’s far too early for any real analysis to be made; Jimmie’s predictions are … Continue reading

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>Another Blog

>Whilst tooling around with a sitemeter I just installed, I stumbled onto another blog–Athletics in Britain (via The name is right on the money–it concentrates on the sport as competed in Britain and by Brits wherever they may be. … Continue reading

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>Another blogger

>Epelle, of the Track & Field News message board fame, has a blog that I’ve only now been made aware of. Coming up on one year old, it’s quite good. Check it out.

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