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>Bernard Lagat has given up suing the IAAF over lost income during his provisional ban for EPO. The short form of the decision is “you can’t say exactly how much you lost, so you get nothing”. I might add that in terms of prize money nothing is guaranteed, so he could not prove he would have won a dime. I will not shed a tear for him, as I’ve always thought he was guilty and just got lucky on the B sample. I mean, a Kenyan going to a U.S. university and getting better? It makes about as much sense as a Buddhist monk going to the Middle East to learn about tolerance and peace.

Trevor Graham’s top assistant Randall Evans was interviewed by the BALCO grand jury. Graham’s lawyer said Evans “told the grand jury that he knows nothing about Trevor being involved in the distribution of illicit substances.” I’m sure he also would have testified that Michael Corleone was only in the business of importing olive oil.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    >You think he’s guilty?

    Well, good thing you’re not the judge!!