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>World Rankings Update — Throws

>25-deep rankings available here. Shot Put1. Reese Hoffa, USA, 1892. Christian Cantwell, USA, 1723. Tomasz Majewski, POL, 1644. Dan Taylor, USA, 1305. Adam Nelson, USA, 91This event has been a real mixed bag. Cantwell dominated the indoor season and won … Continue reading

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>Great Duels

>…is the subject of a thread in the historical section of the T&FN message boards. Stuff like Kuts-Pirie, Bannister-Landy, and everyone’s pick of Lewis-Powell. And of course, some smart aleck: “Burr-Hamilton 1804″. Lots of good stuff in there.

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>New Media versus Old Media

>There’s a bit of this fight going on in the track world, although not nearly as much as in the news media. Daily Kos gets right to the heart of the matter: it’s not professionals versus amateurs or even adults … Continue reading

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>Progression of World Records

>Over at Let’s Run there’s a thread titled Progression of World Records seems to be screeching to a holt [sic]. There’s some pretty good discussion mixed in with the usual idiocy. As usual, the numbers on their face must be … Continue reading

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>World Rankings Not Gone Away

>For a while I was consistently posting my own World Rankings, but I haven’t for quite some time. I haven’t stopped doing them, rather I’ve been doing a drastic overhaul. Over the three years I’ve been experimenting with the system, … Continue reading

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>Things I Learned on Vacation

>Things I learned on my trip with my wife’s family to the Great Smoky Mountains‚Ķ 10 family members √∑ 1 cabin X 4 days > our patienceEverything you need to know about Cincinnati can be learned from the highway: it … Continue reading

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>Ohio HS XC Meet In Flux?

>Two newspaper articles about Ohio governor Ted Strickland’s new budget which calls for slot mahines at the state’s horse tracks (via Let’s Run): Slotted for trouble? State high school officials ponder status of cross-country meet at Scioto Downs due to … Continue reading

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>Track on Marketplace

>A teaser on NPR’s Marketplace: tomorrow they’ll cover professional Kenyan runners and the seriousness with which you must run when it’s your living. (Marketplace follows All Things Considered on most radio stations, round about 6 or 6:30 PM).

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>Things Yelled At Runners

>My local road runner’s club discussion board has brought up the topic of interesting things yelled at us while running. My favorite comes from Bob Masters (one-time Olympic Trials participant A group of us were running in Wildwood and our … Continue reading

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>Let’s Run Still Getting Better

>It still makes me shake my head every time I think about it, but Let’s Run is growing into one of the premier track news sites on the internet. They’ve got an Ethiopian correspondent now, and “[i]n his first piece, … Continue reading

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