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>This Week’s "Separated At Birth"

>Hammer Thrower Koji Murofushi:Pro wrestling manager Mr. Fuji:

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>Weltklasse Zurich Preview

>I also have preview up at The Final Sprint. The nitty-gritty: ESPN Classic, 4-6 p.m. tommorrow. Here’s who the top competitors are. I know there’s a lot, but it’s the Weltklasse for cryin’ out loud. I have no idea why … Continue reading

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>Stuczynski / Suhr controversy

>I was blissfully unaware of a recent controversy surrounding a post-competition interview in Beijing with Jen Stuczysnki and her coach Rick Suhr. I missed it because 1) I mostly didn’t watch US coverage and 2) talking heads bore me to … Continue reading

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>Was the US Olympic Team a Disaster?

>I’ve posted my thoughts at The Final Sprint.

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>Day 9 & 10: What Happened

>Results Women’s High Jump: This was a very big surprise. Blanka Vlasic had not been beaten in well over a year and had been regularly jumping as high as anyone else’s PR. She did not make her first attempt at … Continue reading

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>Day 9 & 10: What’s On

>Schedule/Start ListsIAAF PreviewSI’s “What To Watch” NBC TV schedule: Saturday, 7:30 p.m. – midnite (live marathon, taped track)CBC TV schedule: 6 p.m. Friday – noon Saturday, 6 p.m Saturday – 4:30 a.m. Sunday (all live) Highlights: Women’s high jump, 7 … Continue reading

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>Day 8: What Happened

>ResultsIAAF Recap Men’s 50k Snoozefest: My Italian mother-in-law, a letter carrier for the USPS, will be happy to hear an Italian won a walking contest. But she’ll say “Walk for less than four hours? He’s so lazy!” Note: to absolutely … Continue reading

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>Olympic Anti-Doping News

>Missed this one: Blonska gets popped for doping (methyltestosterone). She wins the Globe and Mail’s Excellence in Doping Award. If confirmed (and why wouldn’t it be?) she’ll be out for life. Kelly Sotherton was right on the money, but basically … Continue reading

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>Day 8: What’s On

>Timetable/Start ListsIAAF PreviewSI’s “What to Watch” As you’re following the decathlon, this site does a forecast of how things will work out in the end.Also, be aware of the following numbers: 37.40 and 41.37. Those are the 4×100 world records … Continue reading

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>Day 7: What Happened

>How tightly is NBC controlling their rights? The video link on Sports Illustrated‘s Olympic page takes you to YouTube. ResultsIAAF RecapTim Layden’s recap of the carnage Women’s 20k Walk: Monsoon, Russian wins. Women’s 1500m semis: Of the Americans, only Rowbury … Continue reading

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