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>Weekend Preview

>This coming weekend is a big one for marathoning, with the USA men’s Olympic Trials on Saturday and the almost-an-afterthought New York City race on Sunday. The start of the trials will be on NBC’s Today Show at 7:35 AM … Continue reading

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>Another blogger

>Epelle, of the Track & Field News message board fame, has a blog that I’ve only now been made aware of. Coming up on one year old, it’s quite good. Check it out.

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>Tank McNamara takes on Marion Jones

>Sorry if they’re a bit small to read easily (this is as big as Blogger makes it). Click on the strip for a larger version.

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>from In The Bleachers


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>Anit-Doping opinion piece

>Generally I can’t stand opinion articles from college newspapers—they’re almost always horribly written. But this one from the Harvard Crimson is pretty well done, at least on its surface. If sports are entertainment to you, PEDs are a welcome improvement—heck … Continue reading

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>Mind the Gap

>My sister-in-law is a bartender. When one of her regulars failed to show up at the bar for three days, the manager sent people to his house to see if he was dead. I figure I’d better post something to … Continue reading

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>End of My Holdout

>I have posted rarely recently. The major international action is over for the year, but also I’ve been very busy. I’m coaching the boys’ cross country team at the school where I teach, and I’ve also been trying to sell … Continue reading

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>Jones fallout

>The chatter on the message boards and in the press is full of shock and disappointment. Come on, folks. This is as surprising as if O.J. came out and admitted he killed his wife. Or, more accurately, if he admitted … Continue reading

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>Marion Jones, the final chapter?

>I heard the news today. Oh, boy. Marion Jones admitted using steroids before the 2000 Olympics in a recent letter to close family and friends, The Washington Post reported Thursday. Discuss: Old farts / young punksCraig Masback statement It’s been … Continue reading

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