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>Anti-Doping News

>Reading the US press, the news is all about Justin Gatlin’s hearing. The Washington Post examines his defense and wether it stands any chance or not. Realistically, he has none.Discuss: young punks / old farts The much larger news is … Continue reading

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>More doping news?


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>Anti-Doping News

>As “bittertrackguy” pointed out, yesterday’s Tour coverage did indeed spend significant time addressing the Vinikourov issue in the pre-race show. I was not aware of it because said show was not part of the reruns later in the day. As … Continue reading

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>Anti-Doping News

>Yesterday, top cyclist Alexandre Vinokurov failed a doping test and his team abandoned the tour (predictably, Vino claimed innocence and persecution). Today, Italian cyclist Cristian Moreni failed a test and was taken away by police; his team also withdrew from … Continue reading

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>Track on TV update

>See previous post for the reason to update so soon. Tuesday, July 24ESPN Deportes, 3:00-6:00 AM and 1:00-10:00 PMPan-American Games Wednesday, July 25ESPN Deportes, 3:00-6:00 AM and Noon-10:00 PMPan-American Games Nickelodeon, 10:00-10:30 PMThe Cosby ShowEpisode 48: Off to the Races(repeats … Continue reading

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>Jesse Owens Returns to Berlin

> I try to keep up with all the track & field on TV, even to the point of finding reruns of classic shows like Sanford & Son and The Cosby Show. So I was surprised to find something on … Continue reading

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>2016 Summer Olympics Bidding

>Echoing an assessment made here nearly six months ago, Rob Livingstone of considers TV timeliness the key factor in the race to host the 2016 Summer Olympics. And echoing an assessment made here two weeks ago, Rio has the … Continue reading

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>Alan Webb, American Record

>3:46.91. has the video. How big was this? The LetsRun message board crashed multiple times. Flotrack’s website had a few traffic issues (or at least for me it did). I hazard a guess that were this on TV, the … Continue reading

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>What’s Next?

>The last two Golden League meets have featured some horrendous mistakes. Rome’s screw-up is not to be laughed at; Sdiri’s injuries were serious (still in hospital, surgery does not appear necessary).The Paris goof was a bit less grim. Amazingly, this … Continue reading

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>USA-USSR Dual Meets

>I have at times been called “a bottomless pit of useless knowledge”. Well, sometimes it’s useful; when my college roommate was on “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” I was one of his three lifelines. So when the request came … Continue reading

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